Closer to nature

Special Events


In Contempo we help you make your dreams a reality.

We plan your wedding so you remember it as the best day of your life. From an intimate wedding to an extravagant wedding, traditional to unexpected, our professionals combine the best elements: A truly personalized service and unique ball room that incorporates the beauty of nature.

Enjoy our elegant and contemporary junior suites, with a bottle of wine or champagne and two complimentary breakfast.


We know how important business meetings and educational seminars are to our clients. In Contempo we have a dedicated staff that provides you with exceptional service and attention to detail. We create an environment that encourages productivity, new thinking, and meetings that provide results.

Our hotel is equipped for providing all day seminars with delicious coffee, tea, and lunch breaks, along with all the materials crucial for productive business meetings. Impress your clients or colleagues with a hotel that's inspires innovation and creativity.


Impress your guest by bringing home Contempo's gourmet catering services.

Entertain a cocktail party with exotic appetizers or go all out and have an elegant sit down dinner. Either way we guarantee our experienced staff will coordinate and cater an unforgettable event.


Celebrate with Contempo your graduation day in style.

From family dinners to large class parties Contempo has a vary of party spaces that will be sure to perfect for that big day!

special Occasions

Special Dinner

Contempo is perfect place to celebrate your special dinner with a gourmet meal in our beautiful Azul Restaurant. With each plate specially created to fit the latest trends in culinary experience we're sure to wow your guest with our exquisit presentation and taste. Not only is the food memorable but so is our ambiance. We're the only restaurant in Managua with a classy and trendy vide mixed into one. We're sure you will have an unforgetable event.


Celebrate your birthday in style in Contempo. With a variety of different spaces and options we'll be sure to satisfy your every birthday need. Use our wine room for an intimate lounge atmosphere or our restaurant for a more formal feel. Either way your guest will have a unforgettable time like only Contempo can offer.